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Abdicatie Beatrix- Foto Jan Zweerts
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From Act of Abjuration to Abdication -&nbsp;The National Archives is exhibiting fifteen documents&nbsp;from its own collection which represent a special piece of&nbsp;history: from the separation treaty of the Netherlands&nbsp;and Belgium to the Constitutional Reform of 1848, and<br />
from Suriname&rsquo;s declaration of independence to the&nbsp;abdication of Queen Beatrix. <br />
<br />
All highlights from the&nbsp;National Archives of the Netherlands, each of which&nbsp;marks a key historical moment. Additional documents&nbsp;and artefacts are also on display to contextualize these&nbsp;important documents. The National Archives is aware&nbsp;that a collection formed along these lines offers only<br />
one perspective. This raises the question whether these&nbsp;documents hold the same significance for everyone&nbsp;and what their meaning is within today&rsquo;s society. The&nbsp;exhibition addresses these considerations.<br />
The National Archives&nbsp;The National Archives gives answers to questions about&nbsp;your life, history and society. We help you to gain new&nbsp;insights by giving acces

Vrede van Munster-2000px Foto Jan Zweerts.

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