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Classical music

Calefax - Song of the Reed

City center
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In Song of the Reed, the reed quintet meets one of Iran's most famous singers: Mohammad Motamedi. Together, the musicians perform a cross-pollination of traditional Iranian songs with instrumental classical music.

Song of the Reed is about being homesick for origins. The famous poem of the same name by the 13th-century mystic poet Rumi describes the pain of those who are cut off from their home, like a reed cut loose from its reed bed. Century-old Persian poetry provides an inexhaustible source for Iranian songs. Motamedi's speciality is to infuse these verses with graceful melodies.


  • Iranian songs
  • Claude Debussy Syrinx
  • Duke Ellington Isfahan
  • Heinrich Isaac/J.S. Bach/Johannes Brahms Innsbruck ich muss' dich lassen

Dates and Times

Saturday 16 November
€ 11,00 - 29,00
Regular € 15,00 - 29,00
Youth up to 29 years or student € 11,00
Regular € 26,50

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€ 26,50
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