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Jamai with live-band - Tribute to Elton John

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This theatre season, a dream is coming true for Jamai. Together with his live band and piano, he will perform a colourful and uplifting tribute concert to Elton John; his musical hero who is the thread running through Jamai's life.

Since winning 'Idols' 20 years ago, Jamai has been living his dream and this anniversary year will have a golden edge because of this new theatre show. A show to laugh and dance at. In this theatre concert, Jamai and his band will take you through a wide range of hits by this Grammy-award winning rock star. From 'I'm Still Standing', 'Cold Heart', 'Saturday', 'Rocket Man' to 'Lion King' and of course back through 'Yellow Brick Road'.

Dates and Times

Thursday 1 February 2024
€ 29,50
Normal € 29,50
Aan de deur is het verplicht jouw DenHaagPas te tonen. € 27,50
€ 27,50
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