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Nikobo Nordic Jazz Trio - Waalse Kerk

Nikobo Nordic Jazz Trio in de Waalse Kerk
City center

Silences are played with just as much dedication as finger-blistering solos during songs about intimate relationships and overpriced sunglasses. With Nikobo, the stories behind the music get all the attention. The result: Storytelling Jazz. This concert marks the release of 'Fading', the trio's fourth single. Bio Storytelling Jazz, that's what the Nikobo Nordic Jazz Trio plays. Founded in the early 2020s by Jonas Nieuwenbroek (drums), Jurriaan de Kok (double bass) and Bas Boon (piano), Nikobo plays compositions that each tell their own story. Recognisable melodies, dynamics and an open atmosphere play a major role. When they played together for the first 4me, they discovered that all three of them have a passion for telling stories in their music. For this reason, Jurriaan, Bas and Jonas like to tell about their compositions at concerts. In this way Nikobo involves the audience in their musical conversation. We always try to draw the listener, but also ourselves, into a story. The result: Storytelling Jazz. In the last year, Nikobo have worked hard on their first EP. This concert marks the release of 'Fading,' the trio's fourth single.

There is room for up to 150 people.
Tickets costs € 17,50 Reduction rate for students: € 7,50

Dates and Times

Thursday 9 December
20:30 - 22:00
€ 17,50