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Classical music


10 Apr
City center
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Oerknal is excited to announce that violinist Joseph Puglia will be Oerknal’s curator-in-residence for our 2019|20 season! Joseph has crafted an exciting program exploring virtuosity in musical performance. What constitutes virtuosity? What happens when a performer is pushed to the outer most limits of their abilities? Works by J.S. Bach and John Zorn are presented side-by-side, examples of instrumental virtuosity from across centuries. Jesse Broekman is a young Dutch composer of unique talent and ability; his duet Among all names for flute and cello is a virtuosic melding of texture and timbre, creating a super-instrument out of the two component parts. The highlight of these concerts is the world premiere of a new concerto for violin and chamber ensemble by Richard Ayres – Richard’s music is colorful, energetic and vibrant, exploring the traditional role of “soloist” in ways both subtly subversive and manically extrovert.

Dates and Times

Fri 10 Apr
€ 7,00 - € 15,00