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STET - The English Theatre & Fernando Rodil - Pampa's Pride

Den Haag Storytelling Festival presenteert vier storytelling meesters geselecteerd uit het Amsterdam Storytelling Festival
City center
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Before leaving his home country, Fer wrote a film. A Pirates of the Caribbean in local criollo style, he is convinced that it deserves the big screen. He decided to put on an hour-long show to tell the plot to anyone who would listen. Knowing him, it is very likely that he will take advantage of the situation to broadcast snippets of his private life and also reflect on what it means to be an Argentinian living abroad. 

About Fernando Rodil  
Fer is an Argentinian storyteller, director and writer with more than 14 years of experience in theater. He has written for TV series for several streaming platforms, including HBO and Amazon Prime. Fer now lives in the Netherlands and performs and gives comedy. He co-created Training for the end of the world, a location-specific performance, and directed What happened to Mark?, a mix of stories and theater. Both shows have been booked for various festivals throughout the Netherlands.

Dates and Times

Friday 15 December
€ 19,00 - 13,50
Normal € 19,00
Youth until 30 years € 13,50
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