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Supermunk Paard Den Haag
City center
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SUPERMUNK is a trio and pop punk band with influences from the 90s rock/punk scene.

Grab your chance!

These guys already have insanely busy schedules, playing in bands like Not Scientists, Forest Pooky, Maladroit... and yet they make time to make new records, get together and tour for ten days at the worst possible time (late August/early September), to have fun and lose money made from their other bands. Their totem animal is the Deep Sea Angler Fish: you almost never get to see it, but if you take the chance, you will never forget it!

Forest Pooky – Gitaar & Zang
Le Bazile – Drums
Ben Bacon – Bas & Zang

This is a free show. You just need to register online and claim a ticket.

Dates and Times

Monday 2 September
20:00 - 23:00
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