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Turn on the lights of the Christmas Tree Lange Voorhout

Kerstboomceremonie Lange Voorhout
City center
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The lights of the Swedish Christmas tree on the Lange Voorhout will be festively lit again this year. The Lucia festival is also celebrated around the Christmas tree ceremony, the festival of lights that marks the start of the Christmas season in Sweden. In front of Museum Escher in the Palace on the Lange Voorhout there are free performances by choirs and you can get into the Christmas spirit while enjoying mulled wine and hot chocolate. 

However, taking into account the need to save energy, our Christmas tree will only be lit for a few hours each night with energy-efficient LED lighting.

The Christmas tree on the Lange Voorhout in The Hague is traditionally a gift from Sweden. The Embassy of Sweden, Association Buurtschap Centrum 2005 and Museum Escher in Het Paleis invite everyone to celebrate the annual lighting of the lights. This year the tree will be illuminated around 6.30 pm by the mayor (Jan van Zanen), Theo Heere (Buurtschap centrum 2005) and HE Ambassador Johannes Oljelund. 

Lucia party 
The Lucia festival is a typical Swedish festival of lights that is celebrated on December 13, Saint Lucia's name day. The tradition stems from the ancient midwinter light festival. Early in the morning, girls in white clothes and with candles on their heads wake up the family and the elderly, singing special Lucia songs. In the 20th century, the Lucia festival has spread to the rest of Sweden and neighboring countries. In Sweden, the Lucia festival now marks the beginning of the Christmas season.

Dates and Times

Thursday 8 December
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