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Schilderswijk Jacobs Catsstraat hofje

Discover the multi-faceted Schilderswijk

From the centre of The Hague, you walk straight into the Schilderswijk. No less than 120 nationalities come together in the Netherlands' most international neighbourhood! Taste flavours here from the Middle East to South America, shop at the Haagse Markt, join a culinary walk through the neighbourhood or discover some fine addresses. And did you know that the Schilderswijk is also the largest open-air museum of Dutch Masters? All streets named after a painter have been given a big sign, with a work by the painter in question in addition to the street name. Have fun!

De Haagse Markt - Herman Costerstraat

Start your exploration of the Schilderswijk with a visit to the Hague market (de Haagse Markt). Did you know that this is one of the largest open-air markets in Europe? This is where different cultures meet. You will find an abundance of fresh produce, herbs, spices and exotic delicacies from all corners of the world. The market is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Haagse Markt
Market day - The Hague Market

Food in the Schilderswijk

Taste of Istanbul - Hobbemaplein 101

Near De Haagse Markt you will find Taste of Istanbul: a popular hotspot for stuffed pides (flatbread shaped like a boat with, for example, feta cheese or grilled vegetables), doner and fresh soups.

Vis Center - Hoefkade 822

A well-known spot in the Schilderswijk is Vis Center: fresh fish daily. The salty snacks on display here make even the stomachs of non-fish lovers rumble.

Sabores da Terra - Hoefkade 235

From Turkey through to Brazil! At this family-run business, you will find the tastiest Brazilian and Portuguese delicacies (tip: pao de qeuijo!) from their own kitchen. They also import all kinds of products. So if you are looking for a unique Brazilian or Portuguese product, this is the place to be!

Sabores da Terra
Sabores da Terra.

iLocal World Food Tour 

Go on a culinary world trip in the Schilderswijk with this food tour. Experience Eritrean and Ethiopian dishes and get carried away with the 1001 taste experiences of Afghan and Moroccan cuisine. Apart from the cuisine, you will also get to know some of the sights of the Schilderswijk while walking. You start at the Grote Markt in the city centre and you can do the Food Tour with or without a guide.

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iLocal World Food Tour, foto: Rene Oudshoorn
Taste the flavours of the Schilderswijk by walking along with the iLocal World Food Tour.

Courtyards in the Schilderswijk

Did you know that the Schilderswijk is also a treasure trove of unique courtyards? Walking through the winding streets of the district, you will be surprised by the hidden gems hiding behind the gates. Each court has its own history and character. Some are small and cosy, with blooming flowers, while others are larger and can be found near a playground. 

Van Ostade

The Van Ostadewoningen complex is listed as a Monument by the municipality of The Hague for its 'beauty, architectural-historical and social-historical value'. Address: Jacob Catsstraat.

Schilderswijk Jacobs Catsstraat hofje
Schilderswijk Jacobs Catsstraat hofje
Schilderswijk Jacobs Catsstraat hofje
Tucked away, in the middle of the Schilderswijk, are the courtyard houses Van Ostade.

The Fort

The Fort is an unusual monumental courtyard in the Schilderswijk district. Address: Schelhoutstraat.

Schilderswijk Schelfhoutstraat1
The courtyard houses in 'The Fort' are known for their unusual, colourful architecture.

Het Haags Openbaar Vervoer Museum - Parallelweg 224

This museum is housed in an old tram depot refurbished to its original 1906 state. Discover how people used to travel by public transport. A large collection of historic trams and buses forms the basis of the museum. Even the oldest tram (from 1878) is in the depot. 

Seen enough old trams and buses? Then take a seat in one of the buses or trams for a ride! The Tourist Tram is a hop-on hop-off service between the centre of The Hague and Scheveningen. The ideal way to discover the city's sights and Scheveningen. Boarding can take place at various places in the city.

De Tourist Tram is een unieke Hop-on Hop-off verbinding in Den Haag tussen stad en strand
Excursions and Activities
Tourist Tram The Hague
Schilderswijk Haags Openbaar Vervoer Museum
The museum is located in an old tram depot, how nice!

More places not to be missed

Gouden Bakker - Hoefkade 812

If you are a bakery named the Gouden Bakker (Golden Baker), you can guess: the baked goods sold here are top-notch. Artisan breads and sweet treats to savour.

PoKee - Van der Vennestraat 23

For those still hungry after the Haagse Markt: around the corner is PoKee. This is a very popular place for Chinese and Surinamese food. Roti, peking duck, sandwiches, bami soup and so on.

India Gate - Hobbemaplein 50

Planning to cook Indian food? At Hobbemaplein number 50, the supermarket India Gate will be only too happy to help you find the right ingredients.

Abdoel - Paul Krugerplein 22

The Tropical House Addoel has been serving the tastiest Surinamese dishes throughout The Hague and the surrounding area for 42 years. You can taste the love and passion for good food in the dishes. Every day again.

Schilderswijk Wijkcentrum de burcht
Neighbourhood Centre the Burcht.

Theater De Vaillant - Hobbemastraat 120

This theatre invites everyone to drop by: its diverse programming appeals to a wide audience. At Vaillant Theatre, you can develop your talent, dance and even join in for dinner every week. And you can have a nice cup of coffee and open your laptop to work or study.

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Schilderswijk theater de Vaillant
Vaillant Theatre is a landmark in the middle of The Hague's Schilderswijk district.
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