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Classical music

Matthäus Passion - J.S. Bach

The Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands
The Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands
City center
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Experience Bach's St. Matthew Passion by The Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands on Good Friday in the Grote Kerk of The Hague. 

Centuries old but still relevant

In the Netherlands, the St. Matthew Passion is the favorite composition during the Passion period and is anchored by the Dutch public. The Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands are specialists in performing this composition. The musicians in the orchestra play authentic instruments from Bach's time and are among the top European baroque orchestras. The singers are praised for their dynamic and expressive sound. Together these musicians are able to convey symbolism, emotion and comfort to you as a listener like no other.


  • The Bach Choir & Orchestra of the Netherlands
  • Maarten Romkes, Evangelist
  • Thilo Dahlmann, Christ
  • Olga Zinovieva, soprano
  • Meneka Senn, soprano
  • Clint van der Linde, countertenor
  • Martinus Leusink, tenor
  • Jasper Schweppe, bass
  • Pieter Jan Leusink, conductor

Free Bach gift package
Reserve your tickets for St. Matthew Passion in The Hague and receive an early booking discount. Temporarily for €54.95 instead of €90.00 and receive a free Bach gift package. Thanks to the free Bach gift package with the ticket, the concert starts at home: Matthaus Passion CD, extensive program and text book with information about the composition, the composer, the song lyrics with translations and explanations, a gift voucher. (No CD player? Listen with the online link).

Dates and Times

Friday 18 April 2025
€ 54,95 - 90,00
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