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One Planet NOW! - Smart solutions for the future

One Planet NOW! Slimme oplossingen voor de toekomst
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One Planet NOW! is the dynamic meeting place and hotspot for everyone who cherishes our planet. It consists of 5 temporary exhibitions with topics that we deal with on a daily basis. Think of Food & Drink, Fashion & Clothing, Building & Living, Sports & Exercise and People & Nature. The Clubhouse is the beating heart of One Planet NOW! and also the starting point. From here you continue to one of the activities. Join a creative workshop and contribute to a better world.

Toilet 2030 'From Pee to Tea'
For example, on the catwalk, research what your T-shirt is made of. Is that from PET bottles, eucalyptus or coffee grounds? Or watch a fashion show of second-hand clothes. Participate in a cooking workshop with vegetables that don't make it to the supermarket. Or experience at 'From Pee to Tea' that you can make a fresh cup of mint tea from urine! Build a house with mushroom blocks and experience the positive influence of nature as you walk the barefoot path. Create your own electricity while dancing on special floor tiles or climb on the Beweegplein. There is something for everyone!

Together we make the difference
At One Planet NOW! you get acquainted with smart solutions for the future. Designers, researchers and entrepreneurs show their creative initiatives. Hopeful innovations that make the world fairer, happier and more liveable. One Planet NOW! gives you practical tips to get started. Let yourself be surprised and discover how easily you can make a difference yourself. The future has begun! We respond to current events with lectures, debates and interviews. A good example of this is the United Nations' World Oceans Day.

Dates and Times

25 February 25 February 2024
10:30 – 17:00
10:30 – 17:00
10:30 – 17:00
10:30 – 17:00
10:30 – 17:00
10:30 – 17:00
10:30 – 17:00
Museon is open on Boxing Day (11:00 - 17:00) and New Year's Eve (11:00 - 16:00).
€ 14,00 - € 16,50
4 t/m 11 jaar € 14,00
Normaal € 16,50
Per pas zijn twee kaarten met korting te verkrijgen. Toon je DenHaagPas bij de kassa. € 14,00
€ 14,00
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