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The African Mamas – The Soul of Christmas

The African Mamas Graceland The Concert
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Come and Celebrate Christmas South African Style with The African Mamas!

Soul music has made a significant contribution to African-American identity. Through people like Rosa Parks, Reverend Martin Luther King and Claudette Colvin, the black community regained their pride in being black, aware of their African background. Thus, at that time, the Afro hairstyle became wildly popular again. Soul emerged from traditional gospel music, but also the improvised cries characteristic of soul and the so-called 'call and response', is something borrowed from African music. In short, soul, despite having originated in America, has its roots in African music.

The African Mamas bring soul back to the African continent in an atmospheric Christmas programme featuring music by Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin, Billy Holiday and numerous other divas and luminaries from the early years of soul. Complemented by beautiful harmonies and African traditionals that we know The African Mamas from. A heartwarming and colourful programme that will get everyone moving.

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DHP 750 x 1000

Dates and Times

Saturday 23 December
€ 35,00
50% korting (excl. service- en orderkosten) met DenHaagPas € 17,50
€ 17,50
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