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The Kik - Bal populaire

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House band of DWDD, a special collaboration with Armand, a sold-out Ahoy, multiple LPs and albums of their own work.... We could go on and on about The Kik. It is now impossible to imagine the Dutch music landscape without Dave van Raven, who recently threw himself into life songs, tear-jerkers and smartlappen.

In the period when all good atmosphere seemed gone for good, Dave built his own little pub in his house. Belgian beers in dim lighting, Decap dance organ, a healthy dose of melancholy and towering stacks of records by Johnny Hoes, Eddy Wally, Corry Konings and Johnny Jordaan. This was the inspiration for writing an album full of life songs. Songs in which cosiness and ambiance predominate, where there is room for nostalgia and romance and where melancholy always lurks.

Dates and Times

Saturday 6 April 2024
€ 27,50
Normal € 27,50
Aan de deur is het verplicht jouw DenHaagPas te tonen. € 25,50
€ 25,50
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