Untitled TZT The Hague

Untitled TZT The Hague
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"Brazilians from The Hague who want to kill the romantic idea" BruijninckxBreebaart at Bos Fine Art in the TZTSpecial. 

Paul Bruijninckx, visual artist / teacher, and Nol Breebaart, furniture maker / visual artist have known each other since 2012. Different backgrounds and experiences, but! a shared ambition. Creating works of art together. From a deep respect for each other's insights and skills, they create objects together, which they could never make alone without the other.

The TZTSpecial features sculptures made of MDF and wood, painted white. Bruijninckx, the conceptualist trained at the academy, lacked the craftsmanship of Breebaart. Breebaart was attracted by the beauty and richness (and a pleasant lack of usefulness) that characterize art. That's how they found each other and that's how they complemented each other. The collaboration results in large sculptures, perhaps abstracted in form.

BruijninckxBreebaart: “Our works are aimed at murdering the romantic idea. Romantic art is interesting in the private environment, but not in public space. Romance is not necessary there. Not in place. What could be the meaning of the subjective feeling of the artist in public space? Our totally objective images, on the other hand, are particularly suitable to be of significance in public space.

According to Dick van Broekhuizen, curator at the Beelden aan Zee museum The Hague, not a single statue is known from antiquity, which in any way takes the form of what BruijninckxBreebaart makes. Their shapes are not classic but modernist graphic. They create lively shapes, seemingly formed from a very thick pentagonal beam, which gracefully turns the body of the sculpture in graceful curves like a boa constrictor.

Sometimes the images resemble strange characters from the 1960s or the lines of the building of the 1953 Sao Paolo Biennale, the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion in São Paulo Brazil by architect Oscar Niemeyer. Although BruijninckxBreebaart uses very old artifice: the new world and the old are connected in their sculptures. That actually makes Bruijninckx and Breebaart a kind of Brazilians from The Hague.

Untitled TZT The Hague
Untitled TZT The Hague
Untitled TZT The Hague

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