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Zee van ruimte - fietsen in de duinen

Spend your autumn at sea

The Hague is your city by the sea. Experience a combination of high-quality culture, culinary delights and nature. The Hague has so much more to offer than just the popular hotspots. Go off the beaten track and discover new places. Discover your endless sea of opportunities!
  • Room to explore 

The Hague is known for its rich and diverse cultural selection. Step inside the Panorama Mesdag; admire this 360º degree artwork and experience an endless sea of opportunities. Discover the 'Hemels Gewelf' designed by James Turrell in the dunes near Kijkduin. Escape the busy city life to lie back inside the artwork and admire the Dutch sky. Or be surprised by the magical masterpieces created by Escher and his fascinating play on perspective, space and reality. Discover the hidden spots of The Hague.

  • Room to spend the night

Extend your stay in the Hague and discover a room to spend the night. Treat yourself to a relaxing weekend or a week-long trip, with or without wellness. Stay in the heart of the historic city centre at trendy Hotel Indigo, boutique hotel The Collector or brand new Voco. or relax in one of the luxury wellness rooms of the new Inntel Hotels Den Haag Marina Beach with a magnificent view of the North Sea.

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  • Room to taste 

The Hague offers many culinary gems. Trendy and authentic blend together perfectly in a rich diversity of world cuisines. From Bib Gourmand to Michelin, from Italian to Indonesian and from fish to vegetarian! Go for drinks in one of the hidden courtyards, unwind at a trendy beach restaurant, or if you can't choose: go to a trendy food hall and share a variety of street food with your friends!

  • Room to escape

Did you know that The Hague is one of the greenest cities in the Netherlands? Leave the sounds of the city behind and step into the wide open spaces around The Hague! You will find lots of green inside and outside of the city. Experience an endless sea of opportunities on foot or by bike, often only 15 minutes away. Escape the bustle in our beautiful dune region, or in the city's many parks and gardens. Find tranquillity and space in the country estate of Clingendael, for example. Are you craving the sand and sea but want to avoid the crowds? Then our insider tip for a 'hidden gem' is Zuiderstrand, also known as the ‘quiet beach’. There is always plenty of space

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