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Peace Palace

Instagrammable hotspots in the Hague


The Hague is the place where you can put your photography skills into practice, because compared to other Dutch cities, The Hague has a lot to offer. Where is the best place to start when using your camera? We would like to give you a summary of the best and most special locations. Due to the fact that of course you do everything for the perfect picture with which you want to show off and what you want to share with the rest of the world.

Are you looking for the Instagrammable spots of The Hague? 

Smile for the camera! We have listed unique places of this moment for you which you can score big on your social media accounts! Inspire us and others and share your photos on Instagram with #thisisthehague 

  1. Pier Scheveningen, a versatile photo spot, from above with a drone (note, rules apply!) or from the top deck with the Ferris wheel in the background, from below with the colored pillars or from the Zwarte Pad.
  2. Northern Harbor, beautiful view over the North Sea during sunrise and sunset, the boats and the surfers.
  3. Koekamp next to the Malieveld, from this side you have a good frame for the photo with the Hague Skyline with the water in front. Day or night and different cloud skies provide a different picture and color glow every time.
  4. Lange Voorhout, with the free outdoor sculpture exhibition Voorhout Monumental between the linden trees, the famous antique and book market in The Hague or (food) festival popular for beautiful snapshots.

The most photographed building in The Hague: The Peace Palace. 

This is the seat of the International Court of Justice, the only judicial body of the United Nations outside New York, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration. The prestigious Library of the Peace Palace and the Hague Academy of International Law are also housed here. Hundreds of law students from all over the world take courses here every year. This beautiful building and the organisations that are located there make The Hague recognisable worldwide as a city of peace and justice.

Peace Palace
Vredespaleis Den Haag
This building makes The Hague recognisable worldwide as a city of Peace and Justice
Selfie op het Binnenhof

The parliament Buildings, the Knight's Hall, the Prime Minister's tower and the Court pond are among the most recognisable places in The Netherlands. Over the centuries, the Parliament Buildings has been the centre of political life in The Netherlands. This is the place where the most important events in Dutch history took place, but also where the future is made.  At the moment you can only view the parliament from the outside.

The place with history and the place with future
Haagse Harry standbeeld

Have your picture taken with the icon Haagse Harry

Since 2016 you will find the statue of the popular comic strip hero at the Big Market Square (Grote Markt). The three-tonne and more than two metres high statue, designed by artist Bouke Schuemie and sculpted by Rob Daenen, stands above the entrance to the tram tunnel, with a view of the tower of the Big Church. Haagse Harry is a creation by illustrator Marnix Rueb (1955 - 2014) who became known in the early 1990s for his comic character and the phonetic spelling he developed for the flat-Hague dialect. Immediately after the unveiling, the Hague Harry statue grew into a popular selfie spot.

Take a selfie with this geezer.
Take a selfie floating above the North Sea
Take a Dutch selfie in Madurodam

In Madurodam you will experience the most beautiful and the best in The Netherlands.

Discover world famous miniatures, all kind of fun (water) games and attractions in which a small country seems big. In Madurodam there is a lot to see and especially a lot to do together with the whole family. You will need to have eyes in the back of your head to be able to take it all in. You may experience how The Netherlands came about, become the future football champion of The Netherlands and you may ensure that the country does not become flooded. You have to experience it for yourself!

You can take a selfie with Holland in miniature here
Take your selfie here with The Hague skyline

Have your picture taken with The Hague Skyline as background.

The Court pond is the water next to the Parliament Buildings in the centre of The Hague. The Court pond area is where The Hague originated. Once a dune lake with a castle of the Dutch count, now the centre of power in The Netherlands. It is also the place where you can take beautiful photos of the well-known skyline of The Hague capturing the Parliament Buildings, the Prime Minister's tower, the Mauritshuis and modern architecture in the background, or just relax on the benches along the Lange Vijverberg.

Go on the photo surrounded by The Hague skyline
Take a royal selfie at Noordeinde Palace

Take a royal selfie in The Hague!

Noordeinde Palace, with its gracefully landscaped garden, is located at the Noordeinde, one of the most elegant shopping streets in The Hague. Noordeinde Palace has been the centre of important events in the life of the royal family and the well-known scene which takes place from off the balcony on Prince's Day (opening of the parliamentary year) every third Tuesday of September. Tip: take a beautiful selfie in the Palace Garden, which is accessible for free. Who knows, the royals could be around?

Take a selfie at the working palace of the King and Queen
Museum Voorlinden Wassenaar

Selfie in a museum? 

In Museum Voorlinden you will find modern and contemporary art such as James Turell, Maurizio Cattelan and Richard Serra. Some of the artworks were specially made for the museum. One of the works of art that belongs to the Highlights collection is the illusionistic Swimming Pool by the Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich and the artwork Couple under an Umbrella by Ron Mueck. Take a beautiful selfie with one of these artworks and share it with us!

Instagrammable artworks in Museum Voorlinden
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