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Enjoy live music at these 10 The Hague pop venues


10 pop venues in The Hague to spot (new) talent

What do Golden Earring, Di-Rect, Anouk, Goldband and Son Mieux have in common? They are all from The Hague. That's why The Hague is the pop city of the Netherlands! The Hague is still the cradle for a lot of bands. A lot of talent comes from The Hague city. And how nice is it to see this (starting) talent play in their own hometown? Check out the 10 best places to discover new talent and where big names started.

1 PAARD (& Amare)

You go to the PAARD for its wide and varied programming: pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz, blues, Americana from more established names. Up-and-coming talent can be admired in the adjacent Paardcafé. PAARD and Amare have joined forces to organise several major pop concerts in Amare's concert hall every year. Some examples include DI-RECT, Eefje de Visser, The Zombies, MARINA and Pixies. 

Het Paard Concert 2
The Paardcafé is where you spot new talent before they hit the PAARD's main stage.

2 De Grote Markt

If they call you "pop district", you are a big one in The Hague. The Grote Markt can rightly call itself that. There are regular music festivals and events, and the cafes De Zwarte Ruiter and September play great bands every week. DI-RECT gave its first show in the Zwarte Ruiter.

Wild Rooster Festival
Wild Rooster Festival is a popular festival on the Grote Markt where it's all about beer, food and, of course, music! 

3 Muziekcafé de Paap

At the Paap, you can enjoy a wide variety of live music. For 60 years! Barry Hay, singer of the Golden Earring, discovered Anouk here. On Thursdays, there are open jam sessions and young talent/starting bands from the area get on stage.

muziekcafé de Paap
De Paap; "The cosiest music pub in the Netherlands". 

4 Musicon

For years, Musicon has been the place where musicians and music lovers meet during jam sessions or performances. Every year, Musicon organises 'Kaderock', a wonderful Hague music festival full of young talent and well-known names.

Musicon Den Haag
At Musicon, you can not only enjoy live music but also get started yourself in one of the practice rooms. 
"The Hague is simply a music city at heart".
Pat Smith singer Splendid and night mayor

5 Acoustic Alley

At Acoustic Alley, the go-to place for small-scale intimate concerts of singersongwriters and Americana music. 

Acoustic Alley
A big musical experience in a small theatre.

6 Popradar

At Popradar, you can find everything to do with pop music; enjoy live music, practise with your band in one of the practice rooms or take music lessons.  

Haagse Popweek 2021
Popradar also organises the annual Hague Pop Week in October.

7 O'Casey's Irish Pub & Restaurant

O'Casey's is a cosy Irish pub where, besides good food and drink, you can watch live sports matches or play the famous pub quiz (free with the DenHaagPas). Or listen to live music. Especially Irish music. With a glass of Guiness to go with it, you'll enjoy yourself entirely in style!

O'Casey's Irish Pub & Restaurant
In 2019, O'Casey's was named best Irish pub in the world!!!! 

8 Podium Aan Zee

Podium aan Zee is not only the vibrant hub of live music in Scheveningen. It also offers a wide range of events and culture.

Podium aan Zee
Podium aan Zee wil graag het programmeringsaanbod vergroten, vernieuwen en toegankelijk maken voor een breed publiek.

9 Crazy Piano's

At this musical bar on Scheveningen's boulevard, everything revolves around fire-engine red pianos. Pianists entertain guests with rock, pop, seventies, eighties music, contemporary hits and familiar sing-alongs. Want to hear your favourite song? The pianists do requests!

Get 20% discount on entrance!
Ontsnap aan de dagelijkse sleur en lach tot je buikpijn hebt tijdens de Crazy Comedy Night bij Crazy Piano's op Scheveningen.
At Crazy Pianos, you can let loose to live music until the early hours seven days a week

10 Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law is an Irish pub with a small stage where you can enjoy live music four days a week. Often a starring role for jazz or Irish music. 

Murphy's Law
A cosy intimate bar!
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