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Arno Schuitemaker - The End - part 2

foto Lonneke van der Palen
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Arno Schuitemaker is one of the intriguing performing artists of the moment. Call it dance, performance or total experience, it is world-class.

Hyperphysical and mesmerising, his work is praised for the inventive forms he creates to give expression and depth to themes where the intimate meets the universal. At a time when the tension between change and preservation is more palpable than ever, he focuses on the future with 'The End - part 2'.

Dates and Times

Friday 9 February 2024
€ 24,50
Normal € 24,50
Aan de deur is het verplicht jouw DenHaagPas te tonen. € 22,50
€ 22,50
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