Dubbelbloed #2

Danstheater AYA
Age category

Humoristic performance where dance and music need no passport. How many clichés fit in 41.526 kilometers? The Netherlands may seem small, the misunderstandings we have about each other are very large indeed. In 2006, AYA played the performance Dubbelbloed to great acclaim, about the Dutch-Surinamese dancer Regilio Sedoc and his ‘Dutch’ sidekick, rapper Vincent van der Velde. Now they present Dubbelbloed #2 with beat-boxer and dancer/performer Abdelhadi Baadi, the son of Moroccan parents, born in the Netherlands. Dubbelbloed  #2 takes a sharp satirical look at stereotypes. A light and humoristic journey of discovery where borderless dance and music are in no need of a passport.

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