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Introdans - Heroes

City center
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Heroes. On social media, everyone seems to be one these days. But what are real heroes? Introdans puts this theme at the heart of four ballets, which range from extremely virtuosic and acrobatic to lyrical and poetic.


  • Daily Hero Regina van Berkel
  • SH-BOOM! Sol León and Paul Lightfoot
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams Inbal Pinto
  • Iungo - The Encounter 2024 Adriaan Luteijn

From the Dutch, but especially beyond our borders successful Regina van Berkel dances the virtuoso Daily Hero (2013), which is extended especially for Introdans with a dazzling finale. This is followed by a choreographic gem recently acquired by the company: SH-BOOM! (1994). This finally brings another choreography by top duo Sol León and Paul Lightfoot to the Dutch stages.

Israeli Inbal Pinto signs for the third work in HEROES with the sophisticated, melancholic Boulevard of Broken Dreams (a new version of Fugue from 2018). And heroes, those are certainly the special guest dancers, including BNNVARA presenter Eva Eikhout, who are featured in a new edition of Iungo - De Ontmoeting 2024 by Introdans choreographer Adriaan Luteijn.

Dates and Times

Friday 11 October
€ 11,00 - 35,00
Regular € 16,00 - 35,00
Youth up to 29 years or student € 11,00
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