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Martin Koole & Eppe de Haan - Story without words

Martin Koole & Eppe de Haan - Verhaal zonder woorden
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Among painters, 'reading' is a favourite subject. There is something intimate about viewing a person reading, the image is mysterious. What is this person reading? What does he or she feel or think in the process? What world does he or she dwell in by reading that book? Reading transports you to another world, a world in which you as a spectator have no part.

Throughout the centuries, visual art has depicted not only big stories, but also many small and everyday events. In the 17th century, for instance, artists paid a lot of attention to everyday life. Think of the many genre paintings, which are part of the collections in our museums. A genre piece or genre scene is a painting depicting everyday life or everyday surroundings. Genre as a recognised painting subject did not emerge in Brabant until the 16th century, with the paintings of Pieter Bruegel the Elder. 

Some of the works exhibited by Martin Koole in the Klinkenberg Gallery deal with the theme of man reading. In a way, he is in keeping with this tradition. We see young and old depicted amidst sometimes piles of books. 

The fact that Dutch young people have the lowest reading motivation in the world is worrying. It has social consequences such as fewer opportunities in society and the risk of low literacy. So are the paintings meant as pamphlets to draw attention to the problem? No, his challenge lies elsewhere. Koole admits that he has rarely, if ever, ventured into depicting social issues. He feels he is merely the messenger of beauty. Similarly, he does not like art that is linguistic, paintings that require long accompanying texts to understand. What painting needs is direct eloquence. Thus, the medium that has been declared dead hundreds of times, it retains its vitality and provides fresh impetus every time, new stories without words.

As guest exhibitor, the floor will be taken by Eppe de Haan (1949) with a selection from this sculptor's now rich oeuvre. Eppe de Haan's sculptures revolve around marble. The material with which he began his career as a sculptor and, at the same time, the material to which he, to this day, has his heart set.

As always in Eppe's work, here too he is searching for the limits of feeling, the limits of sentiment. Feeling that he depicts in serenity and balance in stone. A contrast he convincingly bridges, cold stone and warm sentiment. The cold north and the warm south of Italy. But from the outset, all his sculptures also have something to do with the theme of emotion and its expression.

Dates and Times

13 July 4 August
12:00 – 17:00
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12:00 – 17:00
12:00 – 17:00
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