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Classical music

The Hague String Trio & Lisette Huizinga - Visions of Goldberg

City center
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Visions of Goldberg brings an entirely new, unique experience of Johann Sebastian Bach's Goldberg Variations in a collaboration between The Hague String Trio and digital artist Lisette Huizenga.

A surprising combination of image and music is created by means of a stop motion animation film projected as a moving scenery on a screen during the concert. A performance, inspired by and in the service of Bach's music, with a nod to the work of Escher, great admirer of Bach, is created that will fascinate and amaze audiences.

In a world where everything seems to go fast and information has to be short and manageable, this performance offers a welcome contrast. A time out where the audience can sit back and be immersed in the beauty of music and art.

Dates and Times

Saturday 9 November
€ 11,00 - 29,00
Regular € 15,00 - 29,00
Youth up to 29 years or student € 11,00
Regular € 26,50

You are required to show your TheHaguePass at the entrance.

€ 26,50
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