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4Arts Den Haag

Catherine Pineau
Exhibition genre

From December 26th 2019 to January 5th 2020, the exhibition of 4Arts The Hague will be held at ANNA Vastgoed &amp; Cultuur - ANNA @ KV2, Korte Vijverberg 2 in The Hague. 4Arts shows the works of four artists, each with a different discipline. Each exhibition changes the composition of the group and this year you can become acquainted with the work of the four artists Catherine Pineau (ceramics), Renate van Opdorp (drawings), Dick Sierksma (wooden sculptures) and Simone Stawicki (mixed media). The exhibition is open for visitors from the Dutch second Christmas day (Boxing Day).<br />
<br />
In 2008 ceramist Edith van Eijden-Calis started an Easter exhibition in Weesp. Since then this has become a yearly event. It is such a success that 4Arts has started organizing exhibitions elsewhere in the Netherlands with four artists from different disciplines.<br />
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Catherine Pineau makes ceramics. Her inspiration can be tree bark, stone formations or lichen, but the shape of the final image arises fairly intuitively under her hands, without drawing or sketching in advance. By using different types of clay the skin gets cracks or a crackle-like effect and a thin and uneven layer of enamel reinforces this. She strives for a natural appearance with a matte or soft glossy skin. She is a member of the Art &amp; Jazz collective in The Hague and of the WIT artists' collective in the West, and she is also a co-founder of the HeDenHaagse Ceramics Collective.<br />
The drawings of Renate van Opdorp are inspired by the constantly changing nature of the landscape; the contrast of massive structures on the one hand and transience on the other. Recurring themes in her drawings, etchings and photography are order, chaos, transience, structures, borders, traces, time and memory. The landscape and detail is applied as a metaphor for the vulnerability of mankind to nature, but also as the power that nature and man have.<br />
Dick Sierksma shows his wooden sculptures. Wood is his passion, a beautiful material, especially if the wood is damaged by mold, rot, cracks and cracks. The choice to work with wood is that he feels connected to trees and nature. In his work, he is inspired by the shape and structures of the old damaged wood. It can become lyrical during editing. Then he sees the hues appear beautifully. Sometimes he adds pieces of the same wood, but usually he works in one piece.<br />
Simone Stawicki's work mainly consists of paintings of mixed media. She combines acrylic paint, ink and pastel. The paint is often applied with a super soaker (large water gun). Her work is characterized by her special use of color and the merging of subject and space to accentuate the essence of what she wants to say. Her inspiration is the woman, marked by life. Life has made her wise and shaped her character and appearance.<br />
<br />
4Arts The Hague is a very special exhibition because of the different art forms and the quality of the work. Worth to visit, also on the Dutch second Christmas Day (Boxing Day). The official opening is on Saturday December 28th at 3 pm with live music. While enjoying a snack and a drink you can view the works of 4Arts The Hague and talk to the artists themselves. Everyone is welcome at this opening.<br />
The opening hours of the 4Arts The Hague exhibition are Thursday to Sunday<br />
from 11 AM to 5 PM. Entrance is free.<br />

Unfortunately, this event has expired

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