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Climate stories

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Special presentation
A selection of 16 portraits from Climate Stories can now be seen in the garden of the Museon building on the Kennedylaan side. The outdoor exhibition is freely accessible. The portraits are exhibited at Softs Points. These innovative columns consist of three sides. One side is covered with solar cells, the other side is a particulate filter and the third side features one of Van Onna's photographs. The full series can be viewed on the Museon-Omniversum website.

Climate stories
Onna's Louisiana makes visitors aware of one of the most important topics of our time: climate change. By placing animals, meteorological instruments and other objects from the collection of Museon-Omniversum in a special context, Van Onna tells special stories about the change in our climate. From masks of Inuit from Greenland, whose culture is changing due to the melting ice, to coral that suffers from the acidification and warming of the sea water.

“The consequences of climate change are a problem that is often too big to understand. My portraits of objects from the Museon-Omniversum depot serve as a conversation starter to talk about climate change. So that we can make the subject tangible,” says Louisiana van Onna. The photo series Climate Stories is in line with One Planet, the programming of Museon-Omniversum that revolves around people, the earth and sustainable development.

Louisiana from Onna
Photographer Louisiana van Onna (1995, Amsterdam) graduated from the Photography Department of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Louisiana received a contribution for this project from the Makers Subsidy Scheme The Hague 2021. This scheme is intended to stimulate the artistic development of budding makers in The Hague by promoting collaboration with cultural institutions from the region and thereby improving the maker climate in The Hague. strengthen.

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15 November 31 December
00:00 – 23:59
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