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Far from the norm - Until we sleep

City center
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Botis Seva is an Olivier Award-winning dance artist, choreographer and director who works at the intersection of hip-hop, physical theatre, contemporary dance and film. His performances are visual works of art. In Until we sleep, Seva and his dancers ask what race and culture mean in today's world. Unique in the Netherlands!

Through the stories of past generations and colonised bodies, Seva and his dancers immerse you in Until we drag with an array of dance styles, from popping to breaking, and from krump to house into a relentless world that is coming apart at the seams; a world where dark colonial secrets are beginning to see the light, where once-loved communities are crumbling. "We build, we destroy, we hate, we love, we try and we keep going, but some of us don't forget."

About Far From The Norm

Led by Botis Seva, Far From The Norm creates honest, relevant multidisciplinary performances that reflect the questions of our time. The dancers deconstruct urban vocabularies, play with perceptions of hip-hop and create work that connects people and groups. Their work is original, vital and fearless, mixing dance with other disciplines such as film and inviting debate on social political issues and the contemporary world.

Dates and Times

Tuesday 17 December
€ 11,00 - 35,00
Regular € 16,00 - 35,00
Young people up to 29 years € 11,00
Regular € 32,50

You are required to show your TheHaguePass at the entrance.

€ 32,50
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