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Fay Lovsky

Fay Lovsky
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You hear more and more about cartoonists, or cabaret performers really being banned. So then now the wait is on for music to be banned. In several places in the world it's already here - Korea, Brunei, Mali.  But in the West? There are radio stations where Frank Zappa is not allowed, because that would be perverse, or Ray Charles and Betty Carter, because they sing about date-rape. So to get ahead of ourselves, Fay Lovsky holds up a number of songs, old, and new, as well as her own. And yes, depending on how you look at them, they are all wrong. Because there is something wrong with every song. 

Fay comes solo - with guitar and theremin and a robot she programmed herself into in previous incarnations so she can occasionally co-sound an extra voice, or have hands free to wield a saw. 

And a saw, as you know, is questionable: a weapon. Add images of things that once could but no longer do, or that can now but really couldn't then. Everyone goes home feeling uncomfortable!

Dates and Times

Sunday 17 December
€ 19,00
Normal € 19,00
Normal € 17,50

You are required to show your TheHaguePass at the entrance.

€ 17,50
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