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h/A.I. Campagnebeeld
City center

Superhuman music theatre by makers, performers, musicians, and the public.

Artificial intelligence is all around us, influencing our choices, and taking over many of the tasks we perform. Will Artificial Intelligence help us to transcend ourselves? Or should we listen to critics who point out future dangers?

How great is the influence of A.I. on the way we play, our music and what does the audience notice? De Veenfabriek, Orkest De Ereprijs, and ECHO together take p the challenge in the performance h/A.I. Three actors, a 14-piece orchestra, and the audience who, together with the A.I., tak a step into the future. 

Dates and Times

Thursday 6 October
Korzo zaal
€ 9,00 - 18,00
Normal € 18,00
Young (13 - 29 years) € 9,00
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