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ISH Dance Collective - Rhythm & Flow

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In 'Rhythm & Flow', musicians, freerunners and hip-hop dancers meet around the edges of the stage. What happens when their styles merge or clash?

A dancer challenges a musician, the beat is raised, adrenaline pumps through the body. Devotedly, they throw themselves into each other's flow, with spectacular choreographies against a vertical wall, power moves on a transparent floor and rousing live music. Led by Marco Gerris, ISH Dance Collective presents a performance in which hip-hop, breaking, freestyle and live music merge and diverge. In a flow of energy, the performers get carried away by the beat and play with light and space. 'Rhythm & Flow' is a breathtaking show that continuously keeps you on the edge of your seat. Feel the rhythm and surrender to the moment.

Dates and Times

Wednesday 27 March 2024
€ 25,00
Normal € 25,00
Aan de deur is het verplicht jouw DenHaagPas te tonen. € 23,00
€ 23,00
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