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World music

Jerusalem in My Heart + Lucrecia Dalt

Jerusalem in My Heart + Lucrecia Dalt

Jerusalem In My Heart (JIMH) is a live audio-visual performance project, with Montréal-based producer and musician Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (electronics, vocals, bouzouki) and Montréal-based filmmaker Charles-André Coderre at its core. Archaic, futuristic sounds and melodies from the Arab world are transformed in JIMH into a disruptive musical, socio-political manifesto, graced by a series of 16mm analogue film images. Sound artist and producer Lucrecia Dalt gets her inspiration from a different continent: Latin-America. The Colombian from Berlin brings a sober, atmospheric sound field with abstracted South American rhythms and unusual vocal phrases. Dalt uses her background as a geotechnical engineer to reflect on physical and geological layers.

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