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Peter Buggenhout – Second Sight

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Artist Peter Buggenhout creates objects that simply 'are what they are' and do not have to represent anything. His sculptures are made of materials brought together without any discernible logic. He uses what is at hand. For example, the Second Sight exhibition in the Projects Room of the Art Museum offers a foretaste of the footprint left by our industrial present.

Peter Buggenhout (1963) studied in Ghent, where he still lives and works. He started his career as a painter but has been working as a sculptor since 1996.

Buggenhout's art is an ode to human creativity. He uses a rich variety of colorful, cheerful and gloomy, dark dimensions that are, as it were, put through the blender to create a new reality.

In the aesthetics of rubble and waste, Buggenhout sees the opposite of ideologies and utopias that give us the false hope of endlessly available raw materials and limitless growth. In his sculptures, the waste of large-scale industry merges with the remains of mass production and consumption – things that our society systematically banishes from its field of vision.

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24 February 24 November
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
10:00 – 17:00
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