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STET - The English Theatre & Danni Cullen - The Red Shoes

Den Haag Storytelling Festival presenteert vier storytelling meesters geselecteerd uit het Amsterdam Storytelling Festival.
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This special winter edition of The Hague Storytelling Festival presents four storytelling masters selected from the Amsterdam Storytelling Festival. The festival will be closed on Sunday evening by Irish storyteller, circus artist, yoga teacher and traveler Danni Cullen with The Red Shoes. A personal performance about bad thoughts, bad words, bad places and beautiful dancing shoes. A Dutch Sign Language interpreter will be present during the show

The Red Shoes is a narrative performance with elements from theater and circus. It's about a girl growing up in Ireland, and the messiness of being human. It has also been selected for the Amsterdam Fringe Festival in September this year. 

By interweaving personal stories of temptation, shame, fear and Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale The Red Shoes, this show invites you to think about what you are capable of and what is holding you back. What happens when a little girl dares to break the rules? 

We all have a pair of red shoes. The question is: do you wear them? 

About Danni Cullen  
Danni Cullen is an Irish storyteller who was born in Dublin but lives everywhere. She's a bit of a gypsy pirate. She has been an elf for Santa Claus, tried to join the circus, lived with monks in India, been stranded in Mexico and was a tour guide in Spain. Yes, she has a few stories to tell. She loves to create theater and tell stories that encourage us to play and laugh at ourselves.

Dates and Times

Sunday 17 December
€ 19,00 - 13,50
Normaal € 19,00
Jongeren t/m 30 jaar € 13,50
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