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Tim Knol - Gets the Blues

Tim Knol
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In the theatre show Tim Knol Gets the Blues, he plays songs from his latest album alongside his favourite music.

Tim Knol goes on an exploration into the world of Americana. A search for stories about his favourite songs and musicians.  

Tim: "I have loved traditional American music all my life, such as soul, country, rhythm-and-blues and folk music. This is a path I will continue to follow. And then new songs will naturally present themselves to me". 

With the help of collected photos, and stories about, for instance, Townes Van Zandt's Tecumseh Valley, Neil Young's Southern Man and Doc Watson's Deep River Blues, Tim reports on his discoveries.

Dates and Times

Friday 2 February 2024
€ 20,00
Normal € 20,00
Normal € 18,50

You are required to show your TheHaguePass at the entrance.

€ 18,50
Thursday 14 March 2024
€ 22,50
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