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Zooming in on Loss

Ann van den Broek / WArd waRD
Ann van den Broek / WArd waRD
12 Jun
City center
Age category
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Zooming in on Loss is he second performance by Ann Van den Broek in The Memory Loss Collection. A Camera and live sound bring the audience closer to the emotions of the dancers. Slowly the effect of the senses and movements are related to memory. Van den Broek zooms in on the details of memory loss, on the internal struggle and loss, but also on the consequences for one’s surroundings. Familiar yet alienating, limits that dissolve as soon as you zoom in. Clarity is permanently wiped out by a state of disorientation, confusion, chaos, and madness. Repetition in behaviour, patterns and movements and los of recognition fill the space.

Dates and Times

Fri 12 Jun
€ 17,00 - € 19,00