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BorderKitchen - Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog Foto: Lena Herzog
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On October 5th, BorderKitchen will welcome legendary German filmmaker and author Werner Herzog at the Royal Theatre in The Hague

Werner Herzog (Munich, 1942) became world famous with films such as Fitzcarraldo, Nosferatu, Encounters at the End of the World and Grizzly Man. His films are often about outcasts who are in an extreme relationship with nature. In recent years he has increasingly established himself as an acclaimed writer.

His book The Twilight of the World was published in 2022, and tells the tale of a Japanese soldier on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, who, thirty years after the end of WWII, still thinks the war is ongoing. In his memoirs, entitled Everyone for Himself and God Against All, Werner Herzog describes a life full of adventures and borderline experiences, as if his life were his best film. 

In his new book The Future of Truth (Dutch translation will be published in October 2024), Herzog once again proves himself to be a gifted writer. In a world undermined by fake news, political manipulation and artificial intelligence, he asks the philosophical question: what is true? And how does the truth of poetry and cinema relate to empirical facts? Werner Herzog weaves fascinating thoughts and memories together in his own unique way.


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Saturday 5 October
€ 23,50
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