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Expositie Chemistry

Sanne Terweij, Morning Haze, pigments on corroded aluminium, black steel frame, (2x) 20x60cm
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People want to understand life and give meaning to it. Physics and chemistry evolve freely to constantly new insights. Likewise, ideas float freely in the ether and sometimes create a special result in the event of wilful clashes or chance encounters. The practice of artists is closely related to this quest of discovery.

David Engel (1973) experiments with different materials such as polystyrene foam, epoxy, spray paint and gesso. He uses the changes that occur during the merging as the basis for the works. Associations are added with the material in various operations. He embraces all the variability in this with the curiosity to get something new from the material properties. He works intuitively on an imaginary space; space to marvel. It is like a translation of his desire for harmony and broad horizons. His new paintings are less sculptural than before, but still have architectural qualities with a high degree of transparency.

In the work of Sanne Terweij (1984) you see magical colours, constructed in composed flat, square or elongated sheets that together form a work. These sheets are arranged in colours that change from dark to light and vice versa. Various experiments yielded countless shades of colour and brightness. Although the works are made of metal, their appearance looks warm and pleasant. Terweij gives her works titles that speak as pleasant experiences or as memories cherished by her.

Sigrid van Woudenberg (1967) works associatively with paper, Siberian chalk and pencil. Her new works show repeating, colourful patterns with many curves and shadows. The fascinating shapes resemble a string of tissues, which seem to vibrate, to breathe like living organisms. They are vague and at the same time cheerful. They appear to be larger than they are. With her drawings, Van Woudenberg conjures up the world to her own fantasy with titles such as: ‘Our House has different Shadows’, ‘Time a Thief’ and ‘Lust for life’.

Dates and Times

11 June 9 July
12:00 – 17:00
12:00 – 17:00
12:00 – 17:00
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