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LORCA - between light and darkness

Luna Zegers
Luna Zeegers
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A brooding, abrasive and intimate musical theater performance about longing and connection.

This musical theater performance unfolds the story of a woman searching for answers to big life questions. Between waking and dreaming, she finds beauty and solace in the poetic works of Spain's most famous poet, Federico García Lorca. Both have two faces: exuberant joie de vivre accompanied by a dark shadow. He becomes her counselor and inspiration, and together they lose themselves in the Andalusian night. Finding that she can use contact with Federico to exorcise her fears, the nocturnal encounters grow into an obsession that almost costs her her relationship with the real world. Her impetuous desire to survive makes light eventually overcome darkness. 

From her unique perspective as a Dutch flamenco singer and theater maker, Luna Zegers creates a new story around Lorca's poems. 

Luna: I know flamenco culture from the inside out through my studies in flamenco singing at the Barcelona Conservatory and performances with famous artists from the Spanish flamenco scene. Flamenco brings people together, and in Spain I regularly experience firsthand the powerful unifying effect of this musical culture. 

Lorca wrote from a sense of connection to the world around him about people, nature and social issues. His poetry is steeped in transience and longing. Lorca's best-known work Blood Wedding is still frequently performed and his oeuvre is a great inspiration for flamenco greats such as singer Camarón de la Isla, guitarist Paco de Lucía, and singers Enrique Morente and daughter Estrella from Lorca's hometown of Granada. 

Integrated into the story, Luna and her musicians play new pieces by Luna, inspired by Lorca's work. Luna herself sings and plays keys, accompanied by flamenco guitar and percussion. Soundscapes emphasize the magical atmosphere of the dream world in which part of the performance takes place. 

Part of the audience becomes part of the story by taking a seat on stage, clapping along to the flamenco rhythms and shouting encouragement, as is customary in a juerga flamenca such as one can encounter in Spain. Exciting contemporary flamenco meets poetry. 

  • Performers: Luna Zegers: concept, lyrics, compositions & vocals; Vicente Santiago: flamenco guitar; Javier Infestas: percussion 
  • Language: Dutch spoken, lyrics in Spanish with Dutch surtitles 
  • Genre: flamenco, music theater

Dates and Times

Friday 26 April
€ 22,00
Normal € 22,00
Normal € 20,50

You are required to show your TheHaguePass at the entrance.

€ 20,50
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