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Spoken word

Sylvia & Ted

Sylvia Plath & Ted Hughes – Van de vos en het paard dat wilde vliegen
City center

Guided by the poetry collections Verjaardagsbrieven (Birthday Letters) by Ted Hughes and Ariel  by Sylvia Plath, actors David Geysen and Beaudil Elzenga take you along in an intimate theatre performance about love and flirting with death. How genius and depression go together, how difficult it can be to reach a loved one, how the desire for recognition can become toxic, and how male/female relationships engender feelings of inequality and impotence. Even after death.

Sylvia Plath committed suicide at the age thirty by putting her head in an oven. She left everything behind; her work, her dream, her love, her children, but also herself: for ever. In SYLVIA & TEDDavid and Beaudil explore the struggle with existence and the charm of non-existence.

With Sylvia’s self-elected death, she connected herself inseparably and permanently with Ted. Was this a trap she wanted to catch him in to devour him, as inseparable as she wanted him to be from her? Or was it the ultimate act of independence? For what if you enjoy the wondrous and continuous company of a husband who is so great, smells so sweet, is so tall, and is so enormously creative that you almost hope that you made him up? 

Dates and Times

Friday 3 June
€ 11,50 - € 15,00
Saturday 4 June
€ 11,50 - € 15,00
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