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Tim Knol - Gets the Blues

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From his first album with the hit single 'Sam' (2010), it was immediately clear that the then only 20-year-old Knol was an extraordinary talent. Music magazine OOR wrote: "A star seems to be born" and after that, his career took off. Many gigs in pop halls and at festivals later, in this theatre concert Tim Knol explores the world of Americana.

He loves traditional American music styles like soul, country, rhythm-and-blues and folk music. And as it is with Tim: new songs automatically present themselves to him. Using collected photos and stories of, for instance, Townes Van Zandt's 'Tecumseh Valley', Neil Young's 'Southern Man' and Doc Watson's 'Deep River Blues', Tim gives a musical account of his discoveries. And plays songs from his latest album in 'Gets the Blues'.

Dates and Times

Wednesday 3 April 2024
€ 22,50
Normal € 22,50
Aan de deur is het verplicht jouw DenHaagPas te tonen. € 20,50
€ 20,50
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