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Introdans en Krisztina de Châtel - TYPHOON

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Introdans revisits choreographer Krisztina De Châtel's monumental dance performance Typhoon (1986). In this performance, De Châtel's choreographic ordering urge is tested, as it were, in a flying storm. A windless prologue is accompanied by rippling piano sounds of Simeon ten Holt's Canto Ostinato. Then the swelling roar of wind machines drowns out the gentle piano sounds. The dancers are ready for battle, sucking their lungs full and proudly fighting this (invisible) matter that they make tangible while dancing. Choreographer Krisztina de Châtel manages to captivate again and again with her unique, energetic dance full of minimalist and mathematical movements.

Monumental showdown in minimalist dance 

For the performance Typhoon, Krisztina de Châtel collaborated with visual artist Peter Vermeulen and composer Simeon ten Holt. The central theme of Peter Vermeulen's work is transforming energy into moving and sound-producing images. For Typhoon, he worked out the idea of having the dancers engage in an outright confrontation with the unpredictable forces of the wind. To this end, he installed three wind machines that can vary in strength from a light breeze to a strong storm. De Châtel then has her dancers enter into a direct confrontation with the wind machines designed by Vermeulen. 

About Krisztina de Châtel 

Choreographer Krisztina de Châtel manages to captivate time and again with her unique, energetic dance full of minimalist and mathematical movements. The successful revivals of Thron (2017) and Pulse (2019) and the monumental Föld (2022) show how her performances resonate with a new generation of viewers every time. Her performances revolve around contrasts and confrontations: fragile human bodies face off against natural elements such as wind, earth and water, or the imposing space of a church building or machine shed. A battle also rages within the body itself: between passion and control, between individual freedom and the anonymity and security of the collective. 
Introdans is known for its inspiring dance artists from all over the world with whom they present high repertoire on world-famous stages. Valuable dance heritage alongside innovative creations. Contemporary styles for broad tastes and audiences. From this art, they connect people with their imagination and their own dance power. Emotions become palpable, a rich experience! 

Dates and Times

Wednesday 2 April 2025
€ 17,50 - 23,50
Normal € 23,50
Youth up to 30 tyears € 17,50
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