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Haags Strandhuisje in Kijkduin

Companies with a Green Key in The Hague

Sustainability is key. Or even better: Green Key. If a company has a Green Key, it means that it considers sustainability important and applies it everywhere in the company. Then you are doing the right thing as a company! Do you also want to do the right thing? Then visit such a sustainable company. And that is not very difficult as The Hague ranks fourth most sustainable city in the Netherlands. Here you will find an overview of businesses in The Hague with a Green Key. The list is long.

Hotels with a Green Key

Getting a Green Key does not just happen overnight. As a company, you have to meet certain sustainable requirements, such as saving energy and water, eco-friendly cleaning, recycling and making well-considered choices regarding organic food and products with a quality mark. 
Check out the hotels in The Hague that meet these requirements and therefore have a Green Key. You will sleep so much better!

Greens in The Park
The Hague and sustainability
The Hague ranks fourth among the most sustainable cities in the Netherlands.
The Hague Marriott - garden terrace
The Marriott hotel close to the Kunstmuseum Den Haag and the World Forum Theatre has a lovely green garden.

Restaurants with a Green Key

In restaurants that have a Green Key, the chef works with sustainably grown, organic, seasonal and local products as much as possible. This is not only very tasty but also healthy. You don't get a Green Key just for a sustainable menu, it also requires you to make conscious sustainability choices outside the menu. 

There are many sustainable, vegetarian and vegan restaurants in The Hague. In fact, The Hague ranks second in the Netherlands with the highest number of vega(n) restaurants! These restaurants serve vega(n) products from local suppliers or have their own vegetable garden from which they get fresh ingredients for the dishes. Not only sustainable but also very fresh! 

The Green Key is not only limited to restaurants. On the coast, you will find more and more beach bars that are sustainable and therefore have a Green Key. So you can enjoy your dinner or drinks by the sea even more!

Strandpaviljoen Zuid Zuiderstrand
Beach pavilion Zuid is the favourite hangout of locals from The Hague and gives you an instant holiday feeling.
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