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Grote Kerk

Free things to do in The Hague


A citytrip doesn't always have to be expensive. Did you know that many well-known sights in the city centre of The Hague and on the beach of Scheveningen and Kijkduin can be visited free of charge? Moreover, you get to see the nicest undiscovered places on a very small budget. Take a quick look at our tips for the best free activities in The Hague!


A day out without pulling at your wallet? The Hague has several sights to offer for which you do not have to pay anything. We have selected the best free attractions for you. Do you have more sugestions or tips? Let us know on Facebook at @thisisthehague

Passage Den Haag
Passage Den Haag
De Passage

Enjoy the coast for free

The most beautiful attraction of The Hague is of course the 11 kilometre long coast. Strolling along the boulevard of Scheveningen, cycling through the dunes at Kijkduin and getting a breath of fresh air on the quiet Zuiderstrand: all free and therefore giving you a relaxing holiday feeling! 

Westduinpark Den Haag Scheveningen Schotse Hooglander


The Hague has many pleasant markets where everything is for sale. Of course you don't have to buy anything: just strolling around the weekly antique and book market, soak up the atmosphere of the Haagse Markt or get in the mood for the holidays at the annual Christmas market on the Lange Voorhout, is allready nice.

  • The Hague Market: the largest commodity market in the Netherlands
  • Weekly antique and book market in The Hague city centre
  • At the Farmers' Market, market entrepreneurs mainly offer organic, ecological and regional products. You will find the market on Lange Voorhout opposite the former American embassy.
  • Royal Christmas Fair: the largest multi-day Christmas market in the Netherlands


Haagse Markt
Haagse Markt

Especially for kids 

A day out with the children for as cheap as possible? We have selected the best attractions for children in The Hague, Scheveningen and Kijkduin. More tips can be found on our special kids page.

Jutterskeet van Ome Jan Kijkduin
Jutterskeet van Ome Jan

Free festivals

There are plenty of free festivals that take place every year in The Hague and Scheveningen. Certainly during the festival season there is normally a free accessible event to visit every weekend. Below we have listed the eight best free festivals in The Hague.

Jazz in de Gracht Bierkade
Jazz in de gracht

Free concerts 

In The Hague you can visit a free live concert almost every day. From pop music in cafes to classical music in churches in The Hague. Our tips for freely accessible performances can be found below, but please also check our concert schedule for more free live music!


In addition to the many museums, The Hague has numerous galleries and cultural institutions where you can enjoy art free of charge. You shouldn't miss these six hotspots if you want to experience free culture!

  • Admire art in the famous Pulchri gallery
  • Various exhibitions can often be seen in the Atrium (City Hall)
  • Kunstcentrum Stroom (Art centre Stroom) organises many free exhibitions and lectures
  • Hoogtij : the free cultural route along more than 20 art locations which takes place 4 times a year on Friday evenings
  • Haagse Kunstkring: a meeting place for artists and art lovers
Atrium stadhuis Den Haag
Atrium Stadhuis

Parks and gardens

With thousands of hectares of parks, gardens and estates, The Hague offers plenty of space to enjoy nature. Leave the bustling city life behind and go for a stroll through Clingendael, have a picnic in the King's garden, or relax in Westbroekpark.

  • Clingendael: one of the most beautiful estates in the Netherlands
  • Take a look at the royal palace in the oldest forest in the Netherlands
  • Ockenburgh estate, a protected natural monument where you can take a lovely walk
  • Visit the freely accessible palace garden and you might even spot the King
  • Westbroekpark is one of the most beautiful parks in The Hague with a lovely rosegarden. 
  • Westduinpark were you can spot the scottisch Highlanders. 
  • Discover the Meijendel area, this beautiful nature reserve extends between Scheveningen, The Hague and Wassenaar.
Paleistuin Paleis Noordeinde
Paleistuin Noordeinde
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